Group S Race Numbers

National Reserved Race Number List

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Group S National Reserved Race Number Registry. This has been implemented to minimise the need for constant number changes by active drivers between meetings.

The GSRA now has over 150 members so we need to implement the use of both two digit numbers three digit numbers on our national registry going forward.

3 digit numbers are acceptable to CAMS, and work with Dorian timers. We understand that all tracks and promoters permit 3 digit numbers.

The 2017 ‘house rules’:

1. There is now a single National Register of Reserved Race Numbers, the state based reserve system has been discontinued.

2. Use it or loose it. The time limit for holding an unused national reserved number is now one year. If there are special circumstances for an extension beyond one year of non-use an exemption will need to be applied for and will be considered on a case by case basis. We want to ensure that active racers are as well supported as possible by our national race number system.

3. A select number of shared number arrangements exist and these will remain until one of the users relinquishes that shared number. At that point it will become the national number for the remaining driver. No new shared numbers will be permitted.

4. Drivers may request their name be added to a Reserve List fora currently allocated number; limited to one per member. If and when this number becomes available, the member will be advised by the GSRA. Final allocation of these will be at the discretion of the committee and based on current racing activity and years of GSRA membership.

5. Please keep the GSRA updated with your current car model and specifications.

Whatever your situation, please send an e-request and the GSRA will do utmost to help you get a national number.

There’s almost a thousand numbers available so we are confident we can find you a lucky number…!!!

Tom Walstab, Race Numbers Registrar