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2018 B12H Support Category Documentations

Bathurst 12 Hour Support Cat 2018 Supplementary Regs CAMS Approved.pdf

2018 B12H Support Category Fuel Registration Form.pdf

Support Category Fuel Compound Information.pdf

Safe Refueling Guidelines.pdf

Entries Open - Baskerville Historics 23-24 Sept. 2017

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RACA Dinner, 7th August 2017

Group S Racing members are invited to attend the RACA dinner on the 7th August 2017.

Tickets are $140 each, and tables of 10 for $1300.

Group S award winners from the HSRCA round in November 2016 will be presented on the night.

For those looking to attend please use the contact details from RACA Flyer

Group S is back at Mt Panorama! At the 2018 Bathurst 12 hour

Bathurst 12 Hour
2-4 February, 2018

The Group S Racing Association (GSRA) has successfully gained entry for Group S to compete as a support category at the Bathurst 12 Hour event in 2018.

Terms and Conditions of Entry to Bathurst 12 Hour 2018

Entry Form (editable PDF)

This amazing opportunity for Group S to return to arguably Australia's best circuit will be strictly limited to GSRA Members, and entry numbers will be limited. The final grid number is still to be determined with the event organisers and CAMS, however we are seeking to increase the number beyond the currently approved 55 entries.

Group S will have approximately 2-hours track time on Friday and Saturday, including one practice session, separate qualifying, and at least 3 races. Race lengths will be determined between the GSRA and the event organiser to ensure adequate, but not excessive length, given the strain this circuit places on older cars.

The total entry cost of $1,600 includes a marquee space (with power) for every competitor, and 4 weekend tickets for the event. A 50% deposit is required upon entry to secure your place as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. All Group S entries will be administered by the GSRA.

The GSRA Committee believes this is an amazing opportunity to compete at one of Australia's headline motorsport events, located at the most iconic circuits. It will also promote Group S to an unprecedented audience around Australia, and the world.


The GSRA is seeking to secure at least two major sponsors for Group S for Bathurst.

All enquiries should be directed to Alex Webster (


If you don't wish to enter this event, but would like to be involved in a support capacity, please advise Alex Webster.

Thank you for your support and entry. Entries close on 30th October 2017.

The GSRA Committee

Phase out of leaded fuels

Phase out of Leaded Fuel.docx

GROUP S: Engine Sealing Procedure (effective 1st Jan 2018)

2017 Philip Island Classic

Please find attached documents pertaining to the 2017 Phillip Island Classic
Qualifying Grid Sheet
Paddock layout and garage allocation

2016 Class Structure Review

The GSRA conducts a review of the Group S class structures every two years.
Please find the review recently conducted by Alex Webster assisted by Hung Do.
The recommendations were supported by the GSRA Committee and will take effect from the 1st January 2018.
The GSRA Committee reserves the right to revise the recommendations (if agreed) prior to the introduction on 1st January 2018.
2017 Group S Class Structure Review.pdf

2016 GSRA Annual Survey

Please find link to the results of the 2016 GSRA Annual Survey

09-06-2016: Group S Engine Sealing - Update June 2016

Group S Engine Sealing - Update June 2016




At their March meeting, the Australian Historic Motor Sport Commission (AHMSC) decided, in principle, to introduce engine sealing as a mandatory requirement for Group S (and Group N).


The Commission’s Executive Officer has now been tasked to “Prepare instructions and an implementation process for subsequent presentation to the AHMSC.”




In 2013 the Group S Racing Association (GSRA) had several discussions with CAMS - in particular with the Australian Historic Motor Racing Commission’s Executive Officer - regarding the sealing of all engines in Group S.


After consideration, the GSRA Committee decided to support the concept, in principle, but acknowledged there needed to be clarification of issues such as: how the process would work, who would measure and seal engines, over what period implementation would occur, and so on.


The GSRA  cannot mandate engine sealing. But at the time the GSRA Committee encouraged members to take the opportunity to measure and seal their engines if they were contemplating a rebuild or partial engine dis-assembly. Some competitors took the opportunity to do so.


Current Situation


Until the minutes of the AHMSC meeting were released there had been no further reference by CAMS to engine sealing, nor any contact with the GSRA in relation to engine sealing.


Cameron Sabine, the Commission’s EO, has now advised the Commission intends all engines in the 5th Category be measured and sealed.  The Commission chose Groups S and N as the next “cabs of the rank”.  CAMS is now drafting a Bulletin outlining the detail and implementation of their requirement to measure and seal all engines.


However the GSRA will be provided with a draft of the Bulletin before implementation. The GSRA will be invited to comment on the draft before further consideration by the AHMSC.


CAMS and the AHMSC recognize that implementation of the engine sealing decision would need to be staged over time, so that competitors did not have to pull down perfectly serviceable engines for measurement.


Next Action


The next step is to await the draft Bulletin, consider its content and forward to CAMS the considered GSRA response. Responsibility for action within the GSRA will be coordinated by the Technical sub-committee headed by Brian Weston.




The GSRA supports, in principle, the practice of measuring and sealing engines as a means of ensuring the technical compliance of engines. But the GSRA does not wish to burden members by an unnecessarily rushed introduction of the program.


In the interim, the GSRA recommends competitors, who are contemplating an engine rebuild or partial engine dis-assembly, take the opportunity to have their engine measured and sealed by a CAMS technical scrutineer.


17-02-2016: It's Time to Gear Up for the 2016 Sydney Retro Racefest

Sydney Retro Racefest will return to Sydney Motorsport Park over the 11th and 12th of June, with an emphasis on quality track time and plenty of it! Sydney Retro Racefest

16-02-2016: CAMS Foundation Drive Day

The CAMS Foundation Drive Day is booked to be held at SMSP on Thursday 9th June (the day before the Sydney Retro Speedfest). Similarly to last year cars will be able to stay on site on the Thursday night ready to race on Friday.

01-01-2016: Changes to 5th Category Fuel regulation

Please read CAMS rule changes Bulletin b15/043

21-12-2015: Election of the Committee

Good evening all


Following the GSRA AGM that was convened by email on 8.00 am Monday, 14 December 2014 and closed at midnight Sunday, 20 December 2014, the Returning Officer, Brian Weston, has advised that as he received only one nominee put forward for each Executive appointment.  In addition Brian had on record three nominations for Committee positions (two required) but subsequently one of the nominated members decided not to accept the nomination but would reconsider for 2017. 


Accordingly the elected Association Committee for 2016 will comprise:


President:                           Kent Brown (MGB, ACT)

Vice President                   Alex Webster (Porsche 911E, Vic)

Secretary:                           André Breit (Datsun 2000, NSW)

Treasurer:                           Geoff Byrne (TR6, NSW)

Committee Member:     Hung Do (Datsun 240Z, Vic)

Committee Member:     Tom Walstab (Porsche 911L, Vic)


Congratulations to those members elected to serve the GSRA and I am sure that the first year of our second decade (our 11th year) will be as successful and productive as the first ten.


And thank you Brian for again acting as our Returning Officer.


In addition to the formal committee positions there are a number of ex-officios who take on a wide variety of important and necessary tasks for the efficient and effective functioning of the GSRA.  Many of the team from 2015 has agreed to serve on and for that I am very grateful.


For 2016 those ex-officios are:


·  Troy Ryan - South Australia Registrar

·  Manuel Pena (assisted by Stan Adler) - Queensland Registrar

·  Hung Do - Webmaster

·  Colin Wilson-Brown - Race Numbers and Lap Records

·  Hung Do - Pointscore Manager

·  Brian Weston - Technical Advisory matters


We are still looking for a member to take on responsibility as a newsletter editor and also another to look after the Association’s regalia needs.  Any volunteers PLEASE?


On behalf of the Committee and the ex-officios may I wish you, your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Enjoyable New Year.







Kent Brown


Group S Racing Association


07-12-2015: AGM notice

Dear GSRA member,


In accordance with Clause 29 of the GSRA Constitution the GSRA AGM will convene by email on 8.00 am Monday, 14 December 2014 and close at midnight Sunday 20 December 2015.


In accordance with the Constitution, the AGM agenda is as follows:


1. Approval of Previous AGM Minutes - 2014 Minutes attached here.

2. Approve reports by the President attached here and the Treasurer attached here.

3. Elect four GSRA Office Bearers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary).

4. Elect two GSRA General Committee.

5. Approve a Statement in accordance with Section 26(6) of the Associations Incorporation Act 1984.


Nominations for Office Bearers and Committee must be mailed or emailed to the Brian Weston by 8.00 am Friday 18 December 2015, using the attached nomination form.


Brian Weston’s email address is and his mailing address is:


60 Empire Circuit

Forrest ACT 2613


Nominations must be seconded, which can be done separately by email to the Brian Weston for convenience.


In the event of nominations exceeding the number of Committee positions, a ballot will be held which will require the AGM closing date to be deferred.


Please note: the AGM Reports will be circulated by email when the meeting opens.


Kent Brown



Andrè Breit



30-07-2015: Vale Bill Pye

Dear GSRA member


It is with great sadness that I send this advice.


Yesterday we learnt of the very untimely death of fellow racer Bill Pye Bill lost his life in a plane crash while mustering sheep.


In the Group S Racing Association records Bill’s Membership number was 16 from the time when the Association first formed in 2006.  He was an active racer and a tough competitor.


Geoff Morgan had these words to say:


“Having absorbed the incredible shock of Bill’s death I will be incredibly sad to not see him and compete with him in the future.  Some of my most exciting racing has been against Bill in our Group S Porsches, along with Terry Lawlor – we would spend the entire duration of every race within a car length of each other, talking double Dutch with each other after each race about how fantastic a race we just had and ‘if only’. He was a prodigious competitor and never gave up.   I also reflect on what a funny and amusing man Bill was in the pits and at various dinners after a few glasses of red.  His never-ending stories about incidents at the race track or indeed on the farm never failed to amuse.   At times he had a very short wick and even then in the darkest moments he was somehow amusing and would turn what would be for anyone else stressful and difficult moments into something humorous. 


I spoke with Anthony Skinner, one of his dearest friends and fellow farmer, who told me Bill was going to race with him this weekend in his Cup Car at SMP Prod Sports.  I have spoken to Simon Hogg and we will be having minute silence at the Driver’s Briefing and leaving the front row of the grid vacant in remembrance of Bill.”


The thoughts of the Group S community at large go out to Bill’s family and friends at this desperately sad time.




Kent Brown


Group S Racing Association


Minutes Archive

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