Getting Involved

Full Membership is open to owners of historic production sports cars issued with a  CAMS Group S logbook, or drivers who hold a CAMS competition licence and who regularly compete in historic motor sport in another entrant’s Group S car. Full membership is $100 per annum.

Our constitution can downloaded here.

Click here for current information on the association's aims plus guidelines for members.

Benefits of membership include:

● Participation in the Group S Championship Competition

● Communication with fellow Group S competitors

● Reserved race numbers

● Social events

● Merchandise

● Assistance with accommodation booking

● Access to a dispute resolution procedure

● Representation to CAMS on eligibility issues

Please click here for a membership application

Vehicle Classes and Eligibility

The capacity class structure for Sa, Sb and Sc Categories is as follows:

Saa up to 1300cc Sab 1301cc to 1800cc Sac over 1801cc
Sba up to 1300cc Sbb 1301cc to 1800cc Sbc 1801cc to 3000cc Sbd over 3001cc
Sca up to 2000cc Scb 2001cc to 2600cc Scc 2601cc to 3500cc Scd over 3501cc

Group S cars run under a CAMS Historic Log Book and eligibility is strictly determined by the relevant CAMS rules and regulations. As these regulations are updated from time to time please use the links below to check the latest information.

CAMS LogoLog Book Application Process
Group S Specification Sheets
CAMS Bulletins & Regulations
CAMS on-line manual